The Importance of CT Skills for Employers-and Potential Employees

There is a need to move from the default line on resumes and job descriptions...."proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (TM)" to something much more accurate, useful and sophisticated. The language must describe the emerging cluster of CT skills. By drawing more employers into the discussion we can be instrumental in clarifying the definition of essential CT skills.

Right now, in our discussions, we are thrashing around trying to find common neuro-linguistic space to describe thinking processes characterized by the support – or parallelism – of computers, i.e. computational thinking. There are some clear practical implications, however, related to successful employment in the changing workplace -- and in the larger economic sphere. The real change will not happen when the academics redefine CT skills; it will happen when those skills are put to the more objective test of marketability in jobs.

I sometimes think that there is validity in the test of capitalism and when the bright light of jobs shines on CT and it appears as part of resumes and job descriptions we will have made considerable progress.


Walter Dario Di Mantova
Director, Workforce and Economic Development
Los Rios Community College District
Re-Imagined, Re-Defined and Now, Re-Invented.
(Posted by Linda on behalf of Walt)

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