Working Document: CPATH II Planning

Please see this link for the Strategic Planning Document as of 12.18.09. It is a work in progress and the next work session is 1/22/10 in FL1-8 from 8am to 12noon.

On Education Inspiration and CT Innovation

Named among the top 5 most inspirational videos on the web by Mashable. It's a great example of immersion on a community scale. We should discuss this approach at length during our work in gap closing actions.

Geoffrey Canada on 60 Minutes: Closing The Achievement Gap through the Harlem Children's Zone.

Having seen the success of the Harlem Children's Zone, in 2009 US President Barack Obama announced plans to replicate the HCZ model in 20 other cities across the nation.

You can view a brief clip below or the full episode by 60 Minutes.

And here is the other mention I made during our meeting today regarding an innovative approach towards providing glasses for the poor.

Designer Focuses on Marketing Adjustable Eyeglasses at $1 a Pair

At least 180 million children could use glasses to help with their schoolwork, according to a report from the Child Vision Conference in Oxford in 2007.

Prosperity Index

In the December 4 ExecCom meeting, there was a brief discussion about how business, industry and government assess the growth and economic health of the Sacramento region. In a partial answer to this question, I would offer the 2009 Prosperity Index published by the Center for Economic Research. The PDF version of the report linked above is quite interesting, and I think give us a good grounding in how these assessments are made and presented. Take a look!

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