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CPATH Seminar Group; November 16, 2007

Please join us for the next CPATH Seminar Group meeting at the Sacramento State University Campus.
Start time: 10:00AM
Location: Riverside Hall, Room 2010

Driving directions and a campus parking map can be found at: http://itweb.csus.edu/map/.

Visitor parking permits must be picked up in person at Visitor Information Booth #2 on State University Drive South, off College Town Drive. The Visitor Information Booth is clearly visible from the street and has a “drive-through” area.

The parking permits are under the meeting name: CPATH.

The meeting is in Riverside Hall, Room 2010. You can find the building on the “Interactive Campus Map” by selecting that link at the above URL. You can also find parking lots by selecting the “Campus Parking Map (PDF)” at the above URL. You can park in any space on campus, including in the parking structures, as long as it is not a handicapped (or other specially marked space). (Ignore any signs in parking structures that say only students can park there.)

If you need more help,you may call Sara (Computer Science Department Secretary) at 916-278-5843.

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