First Seminar Group Lively Discussion

Thanks to all who attended the first seminar meeting for the CPATH project on 9-21-07. We started to attack the ICER report’s five strategic initiatives, with a fairly full treatment of the first one (“improving the quality of computing education”). Minutes are available here on the blog in the "Meeting Notes" as a link.

In the next meeting, we will move on to some quite interesting topics, including how to attract students and get them to persist in getting degreed. With some new members of the group from Sac City USD and perhaps some students from FLC, it should be great fun!

Please feel free to post comments to this message or others to keep the dialogue going!

Gary for the CPATH Grant

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Advisory Board Meeting Notes 9.17.07


1) (Von joined the team today)
2) Introduction to all team members

Main Focus:

1) Seminar Group Structure – times, dates and objectives of the next sessions
2) Potential Topics of Discussion
a. Student Preparation: 1) Accelerate the learning process 2) Have business partner input
b. Enrollment Prevention: 1) What is keeping students from enrolling in CIS? 2) How are we marketing the programs?
c. Instructor Needs: 1) From the industry 2) In general
3)What is taught, how it is taught, who is teaching it?
d. Multigenerational Learning Styles: 1) How do they differ?
e. Transferability: 1)Education vs. Training 2) Minimum Qual Issues
3)How do we make it appealing? Early on?
f. Enrollment & Scheduling
g. Interdisciplinary Interaction: 1) Boundaries becoming blurred
2) Creation of new opportunities 3) New "niche" areas
h. Partnerships: 1) Between segments 2) How do we produce more grads?
i. Pathways: 1) How does this work? 2) What do students need to complete?
3) How do young students fit in?

j. Definition of “technology”: 1) “Shifting the thought process” of students
k. Work Force Ready: 1) How to service the industry?
3) Friday Session
a. Large Group facilitation – Stu
b. “ICER” Champions potentially chosen for the sub-groups in the next session

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Comments from Barry Brown

1. What is the optimal size of this group? I assume these are answers for about the seminars...20-30 would be ideal.
2. Who should be represented? Academics, hiring managers, technical leads, academic counselors.No recruiters.
3. How should attendees be recruited? Some ideas:* Our own personal industry contacts* Contacts that our on-campus career office has. After all, they help get students hired.
4. How should the seminar be structured? I pictured it being a roundtable discussion, with points to be discussed.
5. What are the critical issues for discussion? These are questions I'd address to industry reps:* Are our students prepared for the types of jobs you are hiring for?* In which areas are they deficient?* What kinds of jobs are staying here locally?* Which kinds of jobs are being outsourced?* Would you outsource to other countries if the talent supply was ample enough?* Is it sufficient to have a CS degree? Do your candidates possess other desirable skills?* What are your minimum degree requirements? AS? BS? MS?For academics:* How have your curriculums changed to meet the fast-paced computing industry?* Are community colleges delivering well-trained students to the 4-year institutions?* Is the AS degree in CS still relevant?
6. What are some relevant goal statements for this activity? Not sure what this means...

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