Seminar #2-Discussion Prompt #2

This is the second "CPATH Milestone" from the success matrix. Please consider the questions and post your answers here. This section of the original document grid can be viewed by clicking the link "Success Matrix-Part 2" on the right side of the blog under "Meeting Notes."

CPATH Milestones:
Recognizing the pervasive role that computing plays in an increasing number of fields

ICER Strategic Initiatives: Improve the quality of computing education; Attract more people to the field; Improve retention in the major; Strengthen interdisciplinary connections; Meet human and infrastructure needs

Success Indicators:
What are the 3-4 indicators that show we understand the ICER initiatives and are in a better position to address them?

Key Action Steps:
What are the steps needed to enable us to align with our success indicators?


Responsibility: Group, Subgroup, or Individual?


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  1. Marc Olsen Says:

    As the industry representatives in our meetings have voiced, the chief requirements for new hires is that they have experience working on projects and with working/communicating with others.

    I think most students would be attracted to the idea of working on a big project. I think that these projects could come in many forms and could be cross disciplinary. For example any project worth doing will require funding and a business aspect to it. Also, it would require more than just one field of expertise. Most often it would require the contributions of programmers, mechanicals, electricals, etc.

    I think that it would be a disservice to students to only allow such projects for seniors because everyone will have to undergo the learning curve for how to work on complicated projects in teams.

    When you get all levels from freshman to seniors into the process you will naturally have a hierarchy of knowledge. This is a necessary part of the process where the seniors will do the majority of the technical work, and the freshman are learning and getting their bearings early. This will allow them more interest in their field and will also step up the bar for what they can accomplish by the time they become seniors.

    CPATH Milestones would be:

    To identify industry needs in a variety of fields and recognize potential projects that would serve both the interest of the students and the benefits of industry.