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  1. Phil Sandoval Says:

    Seems many of us have been having issues posting comments. Perhaps we should have a short tutorial on how to post data.

    People can bring their laptops and we can practice in real time.

    To ensure that we don't use valuable meeting time and don't waste time of those who are not having problems, we could conduct this tutorial 15 minutes before the next meeting.

  2. Phil Sandoval Says:

    It would be great to have a "header" for the upcoming meeting added to the blog site well in advance of the meeting.

    This way we can post questions and comment prior to and during the meeting.

    For example, I am writing this comment and it will be stored under last month's meeting.

    It should be stored under a header of today's meeting.

    Make sense?

  3. CPATH Grant Says:

    Good idea, Phil. We'll get something up there ASAP!

    Thanks for your suggestions!