CT Problem for the Team: Organizing this Content

Enough tinkering. I spent the last week and a half scheming on how to make this blog more useful and more engaging. So here's where I got...

  1. The basic blog is the same and retains all historic posts. History is in the right column but you might find things quicker by using the search function at the top of the column.
  2. We still need to complete some housekeeping on the accumulated past material so be patient with us. Linda and I will review the historic linked documents and will bucket them by NSF, CPATH I Product, CPATH II Product, Interesting Stuff and ??? Suggestions are welcome...especially from our administrative team and evaluators. This log of our activity needs to work for the developing community and for program administration purposes.
  3. To the center left column I have added Appetizers, a mashup of tidbits I notice out in cyberspace. Anyone wishing to participate in growing the collection should contact me for more info. So far I have been tagging these tidbits with these keywords/concepts: Applications, Data Visualization, Organizing Data, Design, Interviews & Ideas, and Curriculum. As you can imagine, the tagcloud could grow huge. So another place I need some suggestions from you is on the key buckets I need to establish for sorting and filtering all of our content. Right now I am thinking a lot about team understanding of CT concepts and managing content for required grant administration purposes. We will ultimately need to add coverage for specific programs we launch in pursuit of grant expectations. Your thoughts on the big themes are needed. We will develop our own folksonomy in the discussion process but your help with a few over-riding fixed buckets ("controlled vocabulary" for you KM types) is appreciated.
  4. In order to actually participate in this discussion, you will need to acquire a free google account. Please see my earlier post on How to Participate in this Community. The test will be for you to comment on this post. To acknowledge that you have prepared yourself to comment and participate in the ongoing dialogue, post a comment to this blog. I will be handing out grades at the next team get together.
Note: You're not going crazy... I changed the template to better utilize real estate again on 9.30.

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  1. Phil Tierney Says:

    tag...it works

  2. Gary Hartley Says:

    Awesome changes, Phil! Can you post that the award letter was received? Full steam ahead!!

  3. Ray DePena Says:

    Hi Phil,

    I'm looking forward to my "A" for this assignment - easiest "A" ever!

    But then I'll have to worry about Bernard's demerits...

    And yes, I would like to blog on some ideas around CT in an attempt to zero in on key CT skills, when in the K-16 lifecycle to introduce them, and the types of future jobs that will require them (we'll have to do a bit of speculating).

  4. Ray DePena Says:


    If the group is going to do some collaborative work on documents may I suggest the creation of a Google group for the participants and sharing of a Google Docs and Calendar for key deadlines, etc.?

  5. Linda Says:

    I'm there...looks good.


  6. Ray DePena Says:

    Today is Google Wave day. If any of us gets an account perhaps we can do all our collaboration through wave.