CPATH II Proposed Timeline

In preparation for the many months of meaningful work ahead, the Executive Committee has prepared the following proposed (and certainly changeable) timeline for the term of the grant. This will be discussed in detail in subsequent meetings.

In addition to the above calendar, the executive committee is now working with a new proposed group structure. It can be "briefed" as follows:

  • The executive committee (ExecCom for short)is a group of approximately 12 core individuals charged with overall planning, implementation, mentoring and guiding throughout the term of the project. They lead the larger group, establish time lines, and have clearly defined responsibilities (e.g., facilitation, work product development, BLOG management)
  • The task group (TaskCom for short) is made up of additional individuals charged with spearheading development of CT modules and infusion strategies for all segments and disciplines in education. Smaller task groups will be derived from this group with the addition of others, and each will presumably accomplish its task with a slightly different approach.
  • The advisory committee (AdCom for short) is the largest group, and includes potential members from a variety of groups and individuals with an interest in the project. They will provide input to the other groups on the progress of the project through a variety of communication channels. All members of this group will be charged with bringing others to the table, and with spreading the word to colleagues and contacts in the community. This will be the most fluid group, and the one withe the least-defined responsibilities. It will also meet with the least frequency.

Soon, ExeCom will act on codifying this proposed group structure, and will set out schedule for future meetings for each of the three groups.

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