Comments from Barry Brown

1. What is the optimal size of this group? I assume these are answers for about the seminars...20-30 would be ideal.
2. Who should be represented? Academics, hiring managers, technical leads, academic counselors.No recruiters.
3. How should attendees be recruited? Some ideas:* Our own personal industry contacts* Contacts that our on-campus career office has. After all, they help get students hired.
4. How should the seminar be structured? I pictured it being a roundtable discussion, with points to be discussed.
5. What are the critical issues for discussion? These are questions I'd address to industry reps:* Are our students prepared for the types of jobs you are hiring for?* In which areas are they deficient?* What kinds of jobs are staying here locally?* Which kinds of jobs are being outsourced?* Would you outsource to other countries if the talent supply was ample enough?* Is it sufficient to have a CS degree? Do your candidates possess other desirable skills?* What are your minimum degree requirements? AS? BS? MS?For academics:* How have your curriculums changed to meet the fast-paced computing industry?* Are community colleges delivering well-trained students to the 4-year institutions?* Is the AS degree in CS still relevant?
6. What are some relevant goal statements for this activity? Not sure what this means...

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