Advisory Board Meeting Summary 10.26.07

The complete minutes of the meeting on 10.26.07 are available under "Meeting Notes." The group discussed two methods for providing direction for the group and the previous two posts contain information about two tools to consider.

Actions Required:
· Work on revising the vision statement
· Discuss whom to invite to the Symposium

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  1. Cumulative Intelligence Says:


  2. Dan Francisco Says:

    I've been meaning to bring this up to the group, and it's not in context with what we covered at the last meeting but wanted to make the observation anyway. I'm amazed that the Web is not leveraged more than it is in the education space. Think of all the ways e-commerce taps the Web globally for example.

    I read this Sac Bee story locally a few weeks back, and it made me think about how the Web could play a more prominent role in EDU.

    For what it's worth... Story is at....