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If you are new to our CPATH Blog, please keep reading for a summary of what we are all about, as well as a description of what will take place at our Symposium on March 28, 2008:

The CPATH grant is a National Science Foundation project focused on revitalizing undergraduate computer education. Since last summer, a dedicated group of educators, students and private industry representatives have worked on plans to provide an approach to offering computer education which is attractive to students, relevant to industry and interdisciplinary in nature. We believe that the future of computer education lies in continued dialogue and partnership between these groups.

The CPATH activity thus far has included the work of a steering committee, an advisory board and seminar groups, working to sift through the various issues that both created and sustain the problems computer education currently faces: demand for these skills in the workplace continues to rise, while enrollment in related college classes is flat or declining. NSF funded a small number of partnerships for one year of planning activity, with a view to creating a plan that will raise computer and technology education to a place of prominence in college and university offerings.

The CPATH Symposium event, held in Folsom at Intel's Campus on Prairie City Road March 28, 2008 from 7:30am-noon, is an opportunity to become informed about and involved in this project. A keynote speaker, panel of experts and group discussion will form the basis of the CPATH project’s work throughout the 2007-08 academic year. More information is available on the CPATH BLOG at or by contacting Gary D. Hartley, Dean of Instruction and Technology, Folsom Lake College.

Phone: 916.608.6615

Gary D. Hartley
Dean, Instruction and Technology
Folsom Lake College

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